Maintenance Policy

Yesmam.net Staff Writer

Policy Guidelines


Maintenance IS DEFINED as follows:

Textual content edits and updates:

  • All edits to existing pages, such as change in names, deletions, typos, etc.

  • All edits are to be submitted through the online web form located on the Yesmam.net website under the client tab. Log into your account and submit changes.

  • New pages of information should be provided on CD or as an email attachment (word or excel). Documents need to be saved in html, word doc, or excel format. Hard copies of new information are accepted but turn-around time may be extended. Department should indicate where new content is to be posted.

  • Large amounts of information (a whole page of text change) are at the web master’s discretion and may be posted in PDF format.

Photographs and images:

  • Photos to be added must be legal and without copyright or client must own the permissions. Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, and tiff files.

  • Images can be obtained by Yesmam.net for the client with the client’s approval.  Yesmam.net will size and optimize images as needed for the web.

  • Client should indicate where images are to be placed, if there is an option.

  • The amount of photos and/or images used should be kept to a minimum.

Maintenance DOES NOT include:  

  • Redesign of a web site’s homepage or subsequent pages.

  • Restructuring of a web site’s entire navigation system.

  • Creating new logos or branding images.

  • Troubleshooting code created or corrupted by a party other than Yesmam.net.

  • Interactive components or functionality additions.

  • Writing complex or lengthy forms.

  • Database activity.


Maintenance Turnaround time:

Turnaround time is 24-36 hours depending on the extensiveness of the request. If the maintenance needs a longer turnaround frame, the web master will inform the client.



Maintenance Payment Policy

  • Each client is given a billing date determined by the official completion of the website (if a website is completed on Dec 17 Maintenance payments will be due on the 17th of each month).

  • All maintenance fee are quoted by the webmaster.

  • Maintenance services will not be rendered to outstanding accounts.

  • Each client will receive a monthly invoice for the services.

  • Online payment (Credit card/EFT) is available at Yesmam.net under payment tab. For the clients convenience we offer recurring payments.

  • All money order payments must be sent to 916 Tuckaseegee Rd.

  • Billing dates may not be changed.